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Frequently Asked Questions 

Does VERT-I-Go qualify for the GDS Provincial Finals?
Yes, VERT-I-Go qualifies for the GDS Provincial Finals.


Does my dancer need to be in a group to do a solo?
If you have a dancer performing a solo that is not otherwise in a group please contact the office for permission to register. It is permitted within boundaries of appropriate circumstances.

Example of an appropriate reason: travelling in with a small team of dancers as a road trip event.

Example of unacceptable reason: bringing 100 solos but no groups to take advantage of the discounted fees.

What is the minimum registration commitment?
$500/event and two groups in different disciplines.


How many routines do I need to register to be eligible for the most entertaining finals?
5 registered groups and at least two groups in two different disciplines or special circumstance.


How do finals work? Studios pre-submit one entry per division for most entertaining.
Finals take place at the end of the event. 
Tier one 12 & Under – one per studio
Tier one 13 & Over – one per studio
Tier two or three all ages – one per studio

What is the most improved division?
The most improved division is by judge invitation, judges will pick routines that have the right spirit. These routines will be invited back to perform for the Most Improved Challenge winner. Judges will review the original performances by video before the finals. The routine that improves the most will be crowned the most improved dance-off challenge winner. 


If we don’t receive trophies or medals what do we receive?
VERT-I-Go has free performance videos for every performer. Awards banners will be set up for dancers to take photos next to their awards banners to share on social media, a variety of awards will be presented such as Most Entertaining, etc. GDS Scholarships and training opportunities will be presented as awards but not in physical form. Training opportunities and educational experiences (Mental Health, Injury Prevention, etc) are at the core of VERT-I-Go Dance Experience. 

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