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Vertigo Dance Experience - Zero Waste

You have seen it...

When the atmospheric river flooding hit in November of 2021, we had to flee our home in the middle of the night. The flooding was said to be a product of weather patterns changing as a result of the current climate crisis. The flood was a defining moment for us and our journey as an event production company. VERT-I-GO Dance Experience is our stand towards a greener dance community. We know that awards are a large part of the dance industry (particularly for younger dancers) - but we also know there is space for events where it doesn't need to be such a priority. Early in the season is the perfect time to provide a zero waste event option. Dancers can get on stage before they head to their bigger events later in the season which will certainly have trophies and awards. It's also the right environment to nurture the whole dancer with mental health skills to prepare them for their dance season ahead. Combining all of these ideas we are excited to present to you; VERT-I-Go Dance Experience, the zero-waste event for the whole dancer. 

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